Splinter has developed innovative, complex practices of listening/sounding/moving/recording in landscapes. 

2016 we recorded our 3 CD release 'Mungo' at Mungo NP. We went on last year to record a multitrack piece at Bundanoon. One performance at Bundanon involved the band moving from a forested area on a ridge, down a hill to where we eventually played around a small lake. The recorded version used multiple HD recorders one of which used a hydrophone to capture sounds beneath the lakes surface. We have played back this audio with 7 speakers for an audience at Tempe Jets. 

We want to further this research aiming to travel to the Pilliga in west NSW to record the first week of October 2018.

Two members of the Orchestra Adam Gottlieb and Jim Denley did reconnaissance there late last and were stunned by its rich avian sonoverse and shocked by the proximity of gas fields. 

We will travel with 18-22 Orchestra members, camp, play and record in various Pilliga environments at different times of day. We'll employ our choreographed methods to play and make recordings on multiple machines over large areas. We will also document our activities with photography and writing and engage local experts to identify species in the recordings. 

We'll present a multi speaker version of one recording at the sound series ‘Black Box’ at UNSW in late October. We'll also look to present a group of multi tracked recordings and photos in a gallery setting in early 2019

We’d like to thank naturestrip for their generous contribution to this project!

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Stay tuned…