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at the NOW now festival 2018

Welcome to Splinterverse, a bubble Universe within the NOW now.
The different cosmological constant within Splinterverse means normal laws of art don’t apply. Kid friendly.
This is a place where distinctions between performance / installation / artist / audience / intentional sound /ambience, dissolve.
There are no pieces, no movements, no showcases, no program — just a commitment to explore an ongoing socio/musical experiment that no one person can perceive in its entirety. 
 We ask you to try and listen to everything.
Any sounds you make or hear contribute.
Remind yourself when you are not listening.
Beyond these stairs nothing can be predicted — but there’s a probability that over its 5 days, you’ll experience contributions from these artists.
Bonnie Stewart, Cor Fuhler, Drew Bourgeois, Jim Denley, Laura Altman, Peter Farrar, Prue Fuller, Rhys Mottley, Sonya Holowell, Mel Herbert, Clara Pitt, Adam Gottlieb, Romy Caen, Mel Eden, Alex Spence, Axel Powrie, Tony Osborne, Max Alduca, Andrew Fedorovitch, Charlie Sundborn, Clare Cooper, Bárbara Guzmán-Galeb, Mimi Kind, Tim Wall, Ruby Everett, Jack Stoneham, Marco Cheng