@ Articulate project space 2017

Splintstallation was a sound-based, site-specific project designed especially for Articulate project space by the Splinter Orchestra in July 2017

Splintstallation is planned as a combination of audio-visual installation, sounding sculptures and spatial music performance that will explore and examine the natural vibration, resonance and ambient sound environment within Articulate’s project space. 

It will use the two weeks in Articulate as a residency during which the group will pursue site-specific group improvisation and homogenous sound installation works to which the public will be invited during Articulate’s normal opening times.  Specific performance events will be advertised here.

Splinter’s practice draws from acoustic ecology, ‘psychogeography’ and phenomenology to explore the idea of listening as an active practice. Its aesthetic favours subtlety, quietude and unusual sound sources. More recently Splinter has developed an interest in sound installations. Many members have created their own self-playing instruments and sound devices, which can be dispersed around the room at rehearsals and incorporated into the groups rehearsing and playing. 

 In June 2017 members of the group organised a Splintstallation at Tempe Jets (where it rehearses weekly). This installation used the many rooms and spaces of the building, and unlike other sound installation exhibitions, the individual artworks were made to coexist and compliment others, to create an immersive spatial sound environment.